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This was a proposal for a children's reading room at a public library. I was selected for the project, but at the same time, I won the Natomas Library project. The city public art ordinance only allows one public art contract at a time, so I had to choose between the two. I like this sculpture, and would love to make it full size one day.

The sculpture consists of a large planet suspended from the ceiling covered in scenes from myths, legends and stories from around the world. The planet, with the stories sculpted in high relief, is 6, 8, 10 foot or more in diameter. It is constructed of fiberglass or epoxy resin and brightly painted. There is also an interactive element at the ground level. Along the walls are mounted several books, each open to a page from one of the stories. Set in the page is a peephole, which allows one to “look into the story” and see that scene depicted on the globe above. The books are also fabricated from fiberglass or epoxy resin, painted and covered with a protective clearcoat. The peephole is a fiberscope that runs behind the wall and comes out high above looking out onto the related scene on the globe. In addition to providing an interactive element, the peepholes allow viewing of scenes that may not otherwise be visible from the floor.

Options: Planet may be made to rotate. Scenes on planet can be kinetic. Internal and surface lighting can be added. Can be made for display outdoors.

Images of the maquette for children's reading room proposal.