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Southside Park

"Port of Call: Earth"

This sculpture was created for Southside Park Playground in Sacramento, CA. Commissioned by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission and installed in 2005.

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It is over 20' tall, 18' long and 16' wide. It weighs about a ton, plus another ton for the support structure. The 10"diameter support pole with three 6" diameter pipe legs is buried 5' deep in an 8' x 10' x 5' block of reinforced concrete and holds the spaceship 12' off the ground. The spaceship was fabricated modifying a vintage Curtiss Wright travel trailer, wiring it with neon and LED lights, and populating it with about 30 alien tourists.

Southside project history

Mouse over for night view (JavaScript).

Mouse over for night view (JavaScript).

Originally installed throughout the playground these cast bronze aliens are now mounted on the spaceship.