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Early concept sketch.

Maquette used for proposal presentation.

Alien model for proposal.

Vintage Curtiss Wright travel trailer had seen better days.

It was being used as a chicken coop before I got hold of it.

Fabrication isn't always pretty.

You can see I've shortened the trailer and replaced the window frames.

The bones of an engine.

Moving day.

I had to make a spreader frame to keep the lifting straps from cruhsing the aluminum skin.

Loading onto a modified boat trailer.

Blocking traffic and eliciting odd looks and questions.

Looking up at the spreader frame and crane.

Packing the frame for transport.

Spaceship loaded and engines installed. I didn't have any other way to get them to the site.

I somehow managed to avoid hitting anything with those wide wings driving to the site. (But not by much according to the crane operator who followed me to the park)

Hitting the mounting holes on the support structure with a good ammount of roll and pitch took some doing.

A few days later with the electrical hooked up but with some finish work left